Hi, I'm Perry.
I'm currently creating digital experiences. Open to software development opportunities.
Python React C# C Java Javascript Typescript
Discord Question Bot WIP

A bot that asks your server a custom question every day to encourage daily engagement.

Vodafone - NB IoT

Developed new prototypes and use cases for Narrow Band Internet of Things.

Random Search Extension

Google Chrome extension that redirects you to a random search engine.

Vodafone - Web Scraper

Built a web scraper using Selenium to automate information gathering tasks that were previously reliant on copy/ paste.

Bloody API

API that inserts "bloody" into a string at appropriate locations. Built with Python Flask and hosted on Google Cloud Platform.

Wordle Clone

Wordle clone.

Vodafone - Patent

Co-developer of pending software-related patent.

Event Timezone

Converts event start time to local system time for international events. Ad-free alternative to all the other ones out there.

Dusk til Yawn

Home of our annual 24hr charity gaming livestream!

Music Timer for Spotify

Plays music from a chosen playlist from your Spotify account for the duration of a timer.

Weather App

Simple weather app using openweathermap.org's API.

Vodafone - VCC Raspberry Pi

Interactive workshop teaching employees how Raspberry Pis work and how to use one.

Website v4

You are here. Revamped site with Bootstrap 5.

Vodafone - VCC Crash Course

4-week Python crash course to bring new joiners up to speed and to provide business youth cohort with additional training.

Vodafone - Digital Asset Broker

Worked on control panel using Tkinter for internal demo.

Vodafone - Nova

Worked on an internal admin dashboard according to UI designer specifications.

Website v3

Firebase integration and replaced Bootstrap with Materialize.css.

Edinburgh Programming Society

Society website.

Tic-Tac-Toe Tutorial

Step-by-step tutorial for coding Tic-Tac-Toe in Python. Developed for Edinburgh Programming Society.

Bullet Maze

Play as a legally distinct pellet-eating ghostbuster who is definitely not Pac-Man, where the pellets are your bullets.

GitHub Pages Launch Checklist

Checklist for deploying static sites, including DNS records and asset optimisation.

Website v2

Redesigned Bootstrap 4 site.

Apocalypse Royale

The zombie apocalypse is here and the only one willing to pay for a rescue mission is a TV executive. Handle supply drops, nudge survivors, and manage the filming of this survival battle royale.

Final Grade Calculator

Simple calculator to find out what you need to score in your final exam to pass the whole course.

Website v1

Bootstrap 4 site.